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#11 Anger Management Game/Fresh Out of Grad School (feat. Vanessa Lech)

Vanessa Lech is the owner of Carolina Addiction and Anger Management, a private practice in North Carolina. She began her career in the nursing field but soon figured out it wasn’t the environment she wanted to be in. She then found her path towards working with people who struggle with addiction and anger management. In this interview Vanessa talks about resources and tools she has created for therapist and her own practice. Melissa and Vanessa talk about the position people are put in fresh out of grad school in the social work industry. They also talk about how the law plays a big role in their every day lives but also in their business. Check out Vanessa’s online website to buy her therapy game and her book!


Private Practice Website:

Vanessa’s Online Shop:

About the author, Melissa

Melissa DaSilva is an entrepreneur, podcast host, therapist, hypnotist and artist.

Melissa started her career in the social work field. She has worked in agencies and schools for many years. Always wanting to make more of an impact on society, she started the mental health agency East Coast Mental Wellness. She has created an environment that gives clinicians a place to do work that they love, so they can help clients make the change they so desperately want.

Melissa's specialties include helping others get unstuck in their lives through the use of coaching, therapeutic techniques and hypnosis. Melissa is also the creator and host of the successful LGBTQ+ podcast Pride Connections. She has been published on many website blogs and featured as a guest on several international podcasts.

When not working Melissa enjoys spending time creating art, reading and connecting with others. She is a proud wife and pet parent.

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